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Draw Number 69 of Rs. 200 Prize Bond will be held at MULTAN on 15.12.2016

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اگر آپ ایک سے زیادہ نمبروں کو بیک وقت چیک کرنا چاہتے تو ہمارا پاورسرچ فیچر استعمال کریں نیچے دیے ہو ئے لنک پر کلک کریں

About Prize Bond Scheme in Pakistan


Prize Bonds is gold investment and are bearer type of security available in the denominations of Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000,Rs.25000 and Rs.40,000. These bonds are issued in series. Each series consist of one less than 1,000,000 bonds. No fixed return is paid but prize draws are held on quarterly basis. The draws are held under common draw method and the number of prizes are same for each series. It means that if 50 series of Rs.200 Prize Bond are in circulation.Then on each draw we have 50 winners of 1st prize and 150 winners of 2nd Prize and so on.Prize Bond's Scheme is the only lawful source-

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Prize Bond Guess Papers are graphical representation of highlighted or most important numbers in the coming prize bond draw

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  11 months ago

Student Welfare Bond (SWB) Rs.100 Prize bond

The National Savings Pakistan announced a `Student Welfare Bond', which will be available at office of National Saving Centers, Post offices and all scheduled banks.This was stated by Director General National Savings, Zafar Mehmood during a meeting with delegation of National Youth Assembly. He said, "The purpose of introducing this Bond is to create the propensity of savings among youth;the 62 percent of the total population"

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Downloads all the necessary documents needed for prize bond prize claim and other prize bond result issue these are all provided free of cost for your gold investment and congratulation of wining easy money
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